Freitag, 26. September 2014

An Emendation to the Gothic Fragment of Bologna

The recently discovered Gothic fragment of Bologna (signature: cart. 716/1, n°1 [olim cart. 353, cam. n° 3]) was first edited by Rosa Bianca Finazzi - Paola Tornaghi, Gothica Bononiensia: analisi linguistica e filologica di un nuovo documento, in: Aevum 87 (2013), 113-153.

Just now a new article together with a new edition of the text was published by Carla Falluomini, Zum gotischen Fragment aus Bologna, in: ZfdA 143 (2014), S. 281-305.

However, there still remain some lacunae due to the special transmission of the text. One of these is found in the beginning of line 2 of f. 1r.
The text given by Falluomini (p. 300) is:

1    [............./.]an∙ nasei unsis f(rauj)a g(u)þ unsar
2    [............/.u]s þiudom∙

This passage clearly reflects Ps 105 (106):47: Salvos nos fac, Domine Deus noster, et congrega nos de nationibus.

So the missing part in line 2 should be the Gothic equivalent of et congrega nos. I would therefore like to propose that the missing Gothic part can be emended to: jah galis unsis.

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